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We have highly trained and experienced heavy equipment operators & engineers.
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1470399656 Branding

Packaging of Granuels

Pan Masala, Tea-Coffee , Supari, Tablets, Snuff and other product

1470399656 Branding

Packaging of Free Flowing and Non Sticky Coarse

Rice, Sugar, Whole Spices, Pulses, Tea, Graine, Detergent

1470399656 Branding

Packaging of Powders Items

Atta, Maida, Spices, Suji, Dust Tea, Coffee, Milk Powder, Heena, Colours, Detergent, Ground Spices, All type of powder items

1470399656 Branding

Packaging of Candy Wrapping pillow pack

Hard boiled Sugar Confectionery (Candy)

1470399656 Branding

Packaging of Snacks

Small Biscuits, Namkeen, Soya, Bhujia, Snacks & other Fine Products

1470399656 Branding

Liquid Packaging (Household Items)

Shampoo, Coconut oil, Ketchup, Syrup, 2T oil

1470399656 Branding

Packaging of Liquid

Water, Milk, Ghee, Oil, Liquor and other bio products Shampoo & Oil

1470399656 Branding

Horizontal Flow Wrap and Biscuit Wrapping Machine

Ice cream, chocolate, Soap Cake, Biscuits, Bearings, Waffer’s, Scrubber, Mosquoto Coil, Any Solid Products

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